Granite engraving machines

Engraving machines

«Cube» and  «Sprint»
Series of 2015 

Application unspecified image on flat hard surface by impact engraving method.

  • High speed engraving of high quality
  • Automatic noncontact system of keeping of working clearance
  • Machine control panel on your Android device
  • Capability of off-line operation
  • Full-function studio of projects EngravingStudio™ (for ОС Windows ®) preparation
  • Attachment interfaces: USB, Wi-Fi
  • Customary high quality and reliability of produced machines

More details

The application area of this equipment is quite wide: ranging from ritual business to artistic finish and fabrication of picturesque elements.

Granite Cube 

Granite Cube - compact engraving machine, with a working area of 30 x 41 cm.

Portable, installed on the workpiece to be machined. Small size tiles can be installed inside the machine.

Granite Sprint - the most popular model, with a working area of 40 x 62 cm.

The machine is also portable, but has a larger working field than the Cube.

Granite Cube 
Granite Cube 

Granite Next - stationary engraving machine, with a working field of 101 X 50 cm.

Upgraded version of the popular machine"Granite 100 х 50".

Granite MAX - stationary engraving machine, the largest in the series, the working area- 140 x 70 cm.

Provides maximum comfort in work thanks to the dimensions of the working area.

Granite Cube 

Гравировальный станок Granite






Engraving head of the new regeneration enables to engrave images two times faster in comparison with machines of the previous generation.

Feed-back system of engraving head provides automatic tuning of impact force in the course of operation.


Working Gap Intelligent Stabillization System (stabillizer) has no analogues to be applied on any other similar equipment.  Stabilizer has no mechanic units that result in significant increase of reliability, accuracy and durability of the machine in general. Operation of the stabilizer is entirely “transparent” for the machine operator, that considerably reduces handwork and excludes “human factor” when engraving images.

Operational life of engraving head is significantly increased due to absence of rubbing parts (bearing, etc.) in it.

Quick-released attachment of engraving needle enables to replace needles in matter of seconds, not using auxiliary tools.

Лошади у крыльца. Пример гравировки Granite - Sprint


Wide range of final image density varying from 50 dpi to over 650 dpi enables production of both: coarse-grain as well as highly-detailed typeset quality images. 



Гравировальный станок. Пульт управления.External Control Unit (Remote) is a compact device with tactile membrane buttons.
Гравировальный станок. Пульт управления.

It provides basic functions of machine mechanisms travelling with step speed adjustmentIt has the mode and current speed setting indicator. 

For a  comfortable handling the Remote is equipped with magnetic base.

Standard mini USB connector and АМ/5Р cable are used to connect ECU to the machine.


WiFi connect

Connection of the machine to your local network through Wi-Fi or cable Ethernet enables to control the machine from any working place even if it is located in another town (Internet connection is required).


Operate the machine from your Android device. The state of the job, moving of mechanisms,
launching pre-prepared projects - all this and more on your smartphone or tablet wirelessly.


Off-line operation of the machine – automatic downloading of the whole project in the machine enables to completely detach the machine from external control. You can at any time re-connect to the machine from the computer or smartphone or even using them both simultaneously and obtain the full control and complete information on the operation process.


Studio of engraving projects EngravingStudio™ (for ОS Windows®) preparation enables to promptly and visually prepare an engraving model, set all the required parameters and performs engraving using one application.


Demonstration of the Machine "Granite - Sprint"



Performing high-resolution images.

Machine: Granite - Cube

Density: 254 dpi


Download sample (2.3 Mb)



Adam Albrecht Horses at the porch (1843), replication 



Dimensions of image: 35 х 27 cm

Density: 101,6 dpi

Executiontime2 hours


Parameter Value
Machine model Cube Sprint Next MAX
Process material Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, glass, etc.
Maximum dimensions of processed area per one installation

410 mm х 300 mm

16.14" x 11.81" 

620 mm х 400 mm 

24.41" x 15.75"

1010 mm x 500 mm

39.76" x 19.68"

1400 mm х 700 mm

55.12" x 27.56"

Maximum dimension of a work piece to be processed
when placing a work piece inside the machine - 

640 mm х 390 mm х 30 mm

25.19" x 15.35" x 1.18"

840 mm х 490 mm х 30 mm

33.07" x 19.29" x 1.18"

Width 1200 mm


Width 1630 mm


Length - unlimited

A cart is required
(not included in the scope of delivery).

when placing the machine on a work piece - unlimited not applicable

Head operation frequency - 200Hz

Production time of 1 dm2 at filling of 100%:

density of 101 dpi – 13,5 min

density of 92 dpi – 11min

Density of engraving


from 50,8 dpi to 677,3 dpi

Allowableout-of-flatness of working surface

not more than 3 mm per 300 mm

Connection interfaces USB, Wi-Fi
Self-driven mode Applied. At start of engraving an image is completely uploaded to the machine, whereupon the control computer may be shut off.
Delayed start Applied. Am image is uploaded to the remote machine (for instance, via Wi-Fi) without starting engraving. Whereupon the operator, being next to the machine and using Android device inputs initial parameters and activates the engraving.
Prevention of unexpected shutdown Applied.Upon restoration of power supply the machine may resume operation from the breakpoint.
Controlling software matching the operating systems
EngravingStudio™ Windows® Vista/7/8/10
Machine control panel not less than Android 4.0.x
Overall dimensions of the machine
width - 590 mm / 23.22" 687mm / 27.04"
900 mm / 35.43"
1032 mm / 40.63"
length - 750 mm / 29.52" 947mm / 37.28" 1300 mm / 51.18 1710 mm / 67.32"
height - 220 mm / 8.66" 740 mm / 29.13 ± 30 mm ajustment 700 mm / 27.56 ± 30 mm ajustment
Machine weight 21 kg 28 kg
57 kg 63 kg
Supply voltage 110-240 V ±10%, 50÷60 Hz
Power demand not more than 150 VA
Warranty 1 year



Manufacturer LLC “NPF Radian”



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  • EngravingStudio
    Studio project preparation for impact etching and Granite™ machine control. Download at
  • EngravingStudio
    Studio project preparation for impact etching and Granite™ machine control. Download at