Radian - 1500, Radian - 2000

Thermal cutting machines of Radian® - 1500 and Radian® - 2000 series carries figured cutting of sheet metal with the width of the sheet up to 2000 mm.

  • Equipment and outfitting are made according to the requirements of customer
  • The machine comes with the rail for the sheet with length 3000 mm, 6000 mm or 8000 mm


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Thermal cutting machines of Radian® - 1500 and Radian® - 2000 series carries figured cutting of sheet metal with the width of the sheet up to 1500 mm and 2000 mm respectively.

Reliable and practical design, high quality of manufacturing provide long term of operation in the industrial environment. Metal is cut with plasma (microplasma) torches or oxygen torches. The combines machine (microplasma + oxygen) can be delivered for the expansion of technological capabilities.

Thermal cutting machine Radian - 2000The machine comes with the rail for the sheet with length 3000 mm, 6000 mm or 8000 mm. The machine can be completed with the rail with length which is required by the customer. The machine can be equipped with water or exhaust cutting table.

To reduce the total cost, customer can to assemble the water cutting table independently, according to the our drawings.

For the most convenient location at the customer machine can be made in the left or the right version. When ordering the machine provides recommendations for optimizing the location of the machine on the areas of customer, holds a drawing layout.



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Cuting of Sheet

  • Air Plasma: PowerMax-1650
  • Mild Steel (δ=4 mm). Arc current 50А, Cut Speed 3100 mm/min
  • Stainless steel (δ=20 mm). Arc current 100А, Cut Speed 650 mm/min



Thermal cutting machine consists of the following parts:

  • Executing machinery
  • Rail track
  • CNC
  • The Plasma Power Supply with a machine torch assembly with lead (for microplasma or plasma metal cutting)
  • Gas filling systems, oxygen equipment and oxygen torch (for oxygen metal cutting)
  • The cutting table (water or exhaust)


Executing machinery
  • Stroke (maximum width of the cutting), not less than:
1550 mm - for machines of Radian® - 1500 series
2050 mm - for machines of Radian® - 2000 series
  • Type of executing machinery: portal
  • Portal relocation type : console
  • The number of supports lifting the cutter: 1 Piece
  • Stroke of support : 160 mm (order up to 210 mm)
  • Initial pierce height automatic equipment
  • The equipment of automatic stabilization of the working gap voltage at the arc with an accuracy of ±1 volt (for microplasma or plasma metal cutting)
  • The equipment of contactless automatic stabilization of the working air gap with accuracy of ±1 mm (for the oxygen cutting of metal)
  • Chain energy supplement
  • Coordinate gapless planetary gears
  • Kinematic accuracy: ± 0,15 mm
Радиан-2000. Исполнительный механизм.
Rail track

Track is equipped with full release of table workspace from the executing machinery for loading and unloading.

  • Stroke (max. cutting), not less than:
machines for the sheet length 3000 mm 3100 mm
machines for the sheet length 6000 mm: 6200 mm
machines for the sheet length 8000 mm: 8200 mm
  • Guiding rail P38 (P43 is possible) with the treated head provides high rigidity and accuracy of design required for the emerging dynamic loads
  • Gapless rack and gear of the sixth degree of accuracy. Hardness of the rail 30-34 HRCэ, hardness of the pinion 42-46 HRCэ.
  • Strength, adjustable in two planes supports of rail track
Радиан 2000. Рельсовый путь.

The thermal cutting machines is equipped with the NC "CNC Radian® - 505" (own production) with coordinate drives and engines "Delta Electronics inc" (Japan).

Machine can be equipped with CNC with coordinate drives and engines of the company «Bernecker + Rainer Industrie-Elektronik Ges.mbH» (Austria)

The control panel (operator’s working place) – is one-piece computer with the industrial design with a touch screen (IP65).

Genuine Windows® 7 operating system.

This solution makes it possible to speed up training of service personnel, it is easy to exchange control programs and other files using a flash card, LAN, etc., and also to use the control panel for the preparation of control programs in the CAD of cutting.

  • Power voltage 380V
  • Power consumption, not more than 1.5 kW
Радиан 2000. ЧПУ и шкаф электроавтоматики.
Plasma Power Supply

Plasma power supply is selected basing on the customer's needs.

The most common current sources are now:

Источники тока
Equipment for oxygen cutting of metal

Oxygen cutting of metal provides the cutting of carbon, structural and alloy steels with thickness from 3 mm.

The advantages of this method of cutting metal is:

  • High quality of cutting the edges (minimal bevel, low roughness of the cut)
  • Ability to cut metal with thickness up to 300 mm
  • Economic feasibility of cutting metal with thickness of 20 mm or more, compared with plasma reveal


The disadvantages include:

  • Rigid safety requirements when working with oxygen
  • Cutting only carbon, structural and low alloy steels
Радиан - 2000. Аппаратура для кислородного раскроя металла.
Cutting table

Purpose of the cutting table:

  • It is the base for the cut out metal.
  • It is used for the removal of combustion products.

There are water and exhaust cutting tables:

Water cutting table.

Cutting of metal is carried out over the water layer.

The advantages:
  • Low cost of operation
  • Absorption in the layer of water up to 98% of the products of combustion, eliminating the ventilation with high performance
  • Intensive cooling of metal sheet being cut reduces thermal leashes
  • Freezing water is not an obstacle to work. The table is designed in a way that the water can extend after freezing without destroying the table
  • It is unpretentious in operation. It requires minimal maintenance.
  • Lower cost of the table compared to the exhaust table
Радиан - 2000. Водяной раскройный стол.

The disadvantages:

  • Contact between metal and water. Chemical additives can be used to prevent oxidation of the metal
  • Removal of small parts that fell into the table out of the water layer


Exhaust cutting table.

Cutting of metal is carried out with the exhaust of combustion products. The exhaust of one section in which the cutting is proceeded is used to improve the efficiency.

The advantages:

  • Lack of contact with water


The disadvantages:
  • The use of high-filtered ventilation system increases the cost of both the facility and cost of operation
  • The need for maintenance of sectional valves’ mechanics.
Executing machinery
  • Series
Radian® - 1500 Radian® - 2000
  • Type of executing machinery
  • Portal relocation type
  • Size of processed sheet (mm), not less
machines for the sheet length 3000 mm
1550 х 3100 2050 х 3100
machines for the sheet length 6000 mm
1550 х 6200 2050 х 6200
machines for the sheet length 8000 mm
- 2050 х 8200
  • The minimum speed of movement (m/min), no more
  • Maximum speed (mm/min), not less
cutting speed
  • Dimension cutting machines without passes, operator station, the plasma source and the compressor, mm
machines for the sheet length 3000 mm
2700 х 5000 3200 х 5000
machines for the sheet length 6000 mm
2700 х 8000 3200 х 8000
machines for the sheet length 8000 mm
- 3200 х 10000
Microplasma cutting
  • Work material
carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum alloys, copper-based alloys
  • Metal thickness
determined by the specification for the selected power source.
Oxygen cutting
  • Work material
carbon, structural, and low-alloy steel
  • Metal thickness
from 3 mm. The upper limit is determined by customer specifications and can be up to 300 mm
  • Oxygen cutting
    Estimated modes and characteristic defects of the recommendations to address them
  • Programmer's guide
    Programmer’s guide for CNC Radian with complete description of programming language and examples. (Russian)
  • Operator Manuals
    Operator Manuals thermal cutting machines with CNC series "CNC Radian - CII"