Thermal cutting machine Katran executes microplasma cutting of metal with the dimensions of the sheet up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm and thickness from 0,56 mm.

  • Precise and high quality cutting of a thin sheet is possible due to high cutting speed and acceleration.
  • Standard delivery includes machine equipped with microplasma current source PowerMax65 manufactured by Hypertherm Inc (USA) with maximum cutting thickness of 25 mm.
  • Completely automatic system of the initial height of the torch placing works reliably regardless of the material kind or presence of dielectric on the surface (cladding, paint, rust, etc.).
  • Foundation is not required.
  • Extracting table with high intake duct system is integrated into the base frame.
  • Manufacturer LLC “NPF Radian”.


More details

Thermal cutting machine Katran carries out figured cutting of metal with the dimensions of the sheet up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm and thickness from 0,56 mm.

Metal cutting is done with microplasma cutter.

High dynamism and high contour speed* of the machine make it possible to have precise and qualitative sawing of thin metal sheets.

  • Contour speed of sawing up to 10 m/min allows to achieve high performance, low power consumption (per 1linear meter of cutting), small heat affected zone (less than 0,5 mm).
  • High motion speed-up (up to 1,5m/sec2) minimizes the transient processes area on the corners and fractures of the cut out contour.
  • High lifting/lowering speed of support (not higher than 1 sec), high speed of mechanism positioning (not less than 20m/min) significantly reduce overall time of sheet cutting.
  • The technology of power reduction of stopped engine saves up to 1,5kW/h of electricity per one working shift.


* The maximum speed is defined. The specific cutting speed is set based upon technological cards of the specific cut metal.

Machine is completed on general base stand with integrated extracting table. Highly effective duct and air intake system provide an even flow of air intake for the entire surface of the table.

Replaceable lattices of the cutting table have a lifespan of at least one year, they can be inverted for secondary use.

There are expansion racks over the entire surface for convenient removal of small parts and waste which fall inside the table.

The CNC Radian system is integrated on the frame of the machine. Operator’s workplace is made based on industrial PC with touch screen. Protection degree IP65, licensed operated system Windows 7HB.

The technology of automatic placement of the initial working gap by direct touch and automatic torch height stabilization by voltage on the arc allows to carry out cutting in completely automatic mode. It clearly maintains the technological cutting mode and prevents early failure of cutter’s worn out parts (nozzle, electrode).

Equipment of the machine can be changed after agreement with the Customer.

Executing machinery
  • Type of executing machinery 
Portal, with distribution of movement moment to two sides of the portal by torsion bar
  • Relocation type of executing machinery
Toothed strap
  • Size of processed sheet, maximum:    
61.4" x 120.4" (1560 mm х 3060 mm) 
  • Metal thickness:
Mild Steel 10GA ÷ 1" (0,56 ÷ 25 mm)
Stainless Steel 10GA ÷ 3/4" (0,56 ÷ 19 mm)
Aluminum 10GA ÷ 3/4" (0,56 ÷ 19 mm)
  • Work material
Mild steels, corrosion-resistant steels, aluminum alloys, copped based alloys, titanium and its alloys
  • The minimum speed, not less   
730.0"/min (16 m/min)
393.7"/min (10 m/min)
  • Kinematic accuracy, not worse
±0.004" (±0,1 mm)
  •  Positioning accuracy of executing machinery, not worse
±0.002" (±0,05 mm)
  • Power consumption 
Control system 1 kV
Current source 40 kVA
  • Dimension of cutting machines without passes, operator station, the current source and the compressor
width  86.6" (2200 mm) 
length  145.7" (3700 mm)
 59"±2" (1500 mm ± 50 mm)
  • Weight of machine
 750 kg
  • Diameter of exhaust ventilation pipe
11.8" (300 mm)
  • Recommended parameters of exhaust ventilation, not worse

Airflow 8700 mFull pressure 1000Pa (approximate fan power 7,5 kW)



Standard delivery package*
  • Executing machinery of Katran (assembled)
1 pc
  • Cabinet of electroautomatics with installed CNC and actuators (is supplied installed on the frame)
1 pc
  • Pullout racks
8 pc
  • Rubber-metal props
4 pc
1 pc
  • Operator’s workplace (industrial station, touch screen, IP65, OS Windows® 7HB)
 1 pc
  • Turning arm for installation of operator’s workplace
1 pc
  • License for OS Windows® 7HB
 1 pc
  • Control system software (CD-ROM disk)
1 pc
  • Set of drivers for the industrial station (CD-ROM disks)
1 pc
  • Programmer’s guide
1 pc
  • Operator’s instructions
1 pc
  • Passport
1 pc


*Delivery package can be changed after agreement with the Customer

  • Programmer's guide
    Programmer’s guide for CNC Radian with complete description of programming language and examples. (Russian)
  • Operator Manuals
    Operator Manuals thermal cutting machines with CNC series "CNC Radian - CII"